ABOUT ACMC - to help you is our ultimate goal.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Center wishes to provide you natural health care based on the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

ACMC has two doctors in Winnipeg, Manitoba, They are members of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada. Dr Shaoli Shi is the director at ACMC. She has a Master of Science and a Medical Doctoral Degree in Chinese medicine with over 20 years of practice experience. Dr Shi also has an acupuncture license from CTCMA in the Province of British Columbia.The ACMC physicians have contributed to the knowledge of healing by publishing technical papers on Chinese medicine including the Handbook of Clinical Practice of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine.

During your first appointment (45 ~ 60 minutes), we will discuss your complete medical history, diet, nutrition, emotional state, and allergies. The diagnosis includes a physical examination, wrist pulse-taking, tongue examination, muscle tests, and the checking of other vital signs. Signs and symptoms are analysed systematically to find the cause of illness according to the principles of Chinese medicine. The healing methods will be selected for treating the whole human system, rather than dealing with only the ailing parts.

The Chinese medical doctors at ACMC strive to provide all phases of primary health care to restore the natural patterns of the human systems, and to promote balance and harmony in body, mind (emotion), and Nature (environment).

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