My 12-year old daughter had exzema since she was born, and recently her condition worsened. Her excema covered her entire body. I brought her to see dermatologists and every one of them prescribed Sterilized Cream for her, but ultimately did not help her. She was itchy and always scratched her skin, affecting her daily lifestyle.We were desperate and open to try new ideas. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Shi.

Dr. Shi gave her an allergy test, acupuncture and chinese herbs, and suggested she follow a non-allergic food diet. Surprisingly, her exzema almost completely disappeared in two weeks. Right now, my daughter's skin is healthy and exzema-free.
Thank-you to Dr. Shi's help!

- Erica



Most recently, Dr. Shaoli Shi used NAET, acupuncture and Chinese herbs in pill form to clear me of pollen sensitivities or allergies. I thought I was either coming down with the worst sinus cold of my life or H1N1 flu virus during the month of June 2009….I could not even breathe during the evenings and nighttime. I guessed my sinus membranes were swollen—I could not blow my nose even though there was nothing to blow—I thought I was going to suffocate—I was panic stricken every night. I was taking decongestants and cough medicine and other herbal remedies that were doing nothing for me and at the very least offered only moments of relief. Then something came to me—the word pollen. Could I have developed an allergy or disharmony to pollen? The next morning after this “message” came to me I noticed my car completely yellowed in pollen dust. Aha! I will ask Shaoli when I see her at my appointment in a few days I thought to myself. After my treatment with her, my sinuses and breathing were immediately clear. I took 3 pills at the office and three more that night even though I felt great. I did not bother taking anymore after that time. That was a month and a half ago. I was completely cleared in the thick of pollen season.

For me it is about balance and vibrations in harmony—if you are in disharmony with something, you will develop an “allergy”—if you are out of balance, you will become “ill”. I have been seeing Dr. Shaoli Shi for almost 13 years now. My first encounter was to sort out my sinuses and to sate my curiosity. I had been attuning to and studying different forms of energy disciplines—healing touch, therapeutic touch, reiki and sekhem—it was suggested I have a Chinese doctor for support. I had Shaoli’s name and number on a piece of paper which I looked at for 6 months and could not see her name. One day I suddenly saw it—it had been staring at me all that time. I realized the timing was not in synch until that day and immediately made an appointment. I had literally suffered with sinus issues for 25 years—as often as 6 infections a year. I think I always had a low-grade infection that never completely cleared itself even with very expensive designer antibiotics and prescription courses of up to 6 week intervals. Acupuncture and 2 cups of Chinese tea made especially for me cleared up the brutal infection I had at the time within 2 days and that was almost 13 years ago. To be on the safe side I finished the tea which was for 4 days. I stopped using my steroid inhaler and my two asthma inhalers prior to that. For me, those steroids were a hamster wheel. I did not want to keep treating symptoms rather I wanted to be in balance and not have to rely on “medications” as band-aid solutions. I wanted to go to the core of everything and balance it all out. I also had a very expensive migraine medication that I did not want to use anymore and as well had been on and off of lithium for most of my adult life.

Over time, Shaoli has aided me in staying in balance clearing me of migraines, asthma and sinus infections with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and teas, and NAET. For me, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and NAET have not changed my life rather these disciplines have greatly enhanced my life. Being accountable for my body, mind and spirit—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states—I have found these ancient traditions to complement my own personal work—meditation, energy work, staying centered and dealing with personal issues and growth—to keep me in balance. I continue to see her once a month to keep things in check, even if it is to balance only my brain—moods…anxiety, depression, agitation, racing thoughts… and sleep issues—or body brain function or hormones or meridians or heaven and earth. I feel I live life more balanced on all levels which inevitably allows me to lead life with optimal state of health. I have so many anecdotes and experiences to share; these are just a few of them. Every single experience has benefited me in ways that have made my life only better and better. Truthfully, I do not want to even entertain ideas of what my life would have continued to be like had I chosen not to allow the practice of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and NAET into my life.

- Cynthia



Dr. Shi changed my life!

For many years I was unwell and saw numerous Medical Specialists as well as attended the Mayo Clinic to determine the cause of my poor health; all to no avail.

In 2004 a Medical Professional suggested that I see Dr. Shi. Dr. Shi returned me to a level of wellness that I haven't experienced for many years.

- Carol



For both me and my husband, Shaoli has been a life saver, keeping us away from so much prescription medicine and helping us with our pain as well as emotional problems.

The treatments are painless, and even for one who never had a fear of needles, having had 'shots' for allergies all her life.

I was probably one of the first to be diagnosed here in Winnipeg with fibromyalgia, way back in 1988, but I went with 'trigger point' pain for years before discovering that acupuncture could help. I had been told there was nothing that could be done!

My meridians are in much better condition now, and my pain manageable. And we are well on the way to clearing up many of the food allergies or intolerances that were bothering me.

My husband has many of the same problems, and some of his own.

At this clinic, we get ready appointments, quick and efficient treatment, supplements we need and relief. In addition, we get the friendship of a wonderful group of people.

Without Dr. Shi, our world would be a darker place indeed.

- Jane B 



In late August of 2009 I developed a cough. I went to the doctor who prescribed asthma medication. The inhalers gave me some immediate relief but the cough was persistent.

I knew it was time to stop working when one of my students asked if I was going to die as I was coughing so hard. I left work at the beginning of October. Not only was I unable to work but it affected all aspects of my life. During the next few months, numerous tests were conducted, a variety of specialists were seen , and many different medications were tried. Nothing worked and no one knew what it was.

In December, my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Shi. She saw me later that week. I was very sceptical heading to my first appointment but I had nothing to lose – western medicine had not stopped or improved my cough.

Dr. Shi began the session with allergy testing. She followed that with acupuncture. I am terrified of needles but it really is painless. She then gave me a list of foods to avoid and some herbs.

The day after my first session I was shocked and in disbelief, that after six months of constant coughing, avoiding laughing, and having restricted activities- my cough was almost eliminated. It was the best early Christmas present I could receive. I did have another session a few days later. About three weeks after that, my third session was for immune building.

I am so thankful to Dr. Shi for eliminating my cough. To me, she is a miracle worker!

- Wendy



You have done wonders for our family – especially Rowen. I would like to share our story below:

Our son seemed to have a cold constantly since being brought home from the hospital after being born. Constantly always having a runny nose, along with eczema. Our doctor told us the runny nose was normal and brushed it off like it was nothing. For the eczema – he prescribed a sterilized steroid cream. A family friend suggested Dr. Shi, so we made an appointment for him (he was not quite 2 years old at this time). After going through all the treatments – his eczema went away and no more nasal congestion. To see this is happen – is the most miraculous thing. The only way to explain it to people is: Our son has no idea of what treatments (Western or Eastern) should work or shouldn't work – he is open minded and free to try anything. We as adults are opinionated and would think something like this would never work and probably call it some kind of voodoo medicine – that Western medicine is the only treatment. To see this first hand – would make anyone a believer of what Dr. Shi does. Another big thing Dr. Shi mentioned to us – cut down on the sugar intake (especially for kids).

Thank-you for all the wonderful work you and your team do.


Michael W


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